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Course 1

Become an EdTech Content Developer

  • For Teachers/professionals just entering the EdTech Domain (no age restriction)

  • For Folks already working in the EdTech domain but looking to improve their understanding

Scheduled LIVE for two days at 10AM - 2PM, Dec 11, 2021 & 10AM - 2PM, Dec 12, 2021. There would be one hour of doubt sessions each day (2PM - 3PM)

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Course 3

Become an EdTech Content Manager

  • For professionals who want to develop/improve a career as a content manager/program manager 

 Scheduled LIVE for two days at 10AM - 2PM,  Dec 25, 2021 & 10AM - 2PM, Dec 26, 2021. There would be one hour of doubt sessions each day (2PM - 3PM) with Certification.

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Course 2

Become EdTech Creative Content Creator

  • For Teachers/professionals who yearn to create engaging content

  • For Folks who want to develop their career in the creative domain in EdTech

 Scheduled LIVE for two days at 10AM - 2PM,  Dec 18, 2021 & 10AM - 2PM, Dec 19, 2021. There would be one hour of doubt sessions each day (2PM - 3PM)

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Bundle 2

Course 1 + Course 2 + Course 3

  • Enroll for all the 3 courses and master the EdTech World

  • Super savor offer

Starting,11th  December 2021

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The Secrets of making a career in EdTech

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A comprehensive guide to begin and excel in EdTech, mentored by someone who has trained 1000's of leaders/teachers in companies like BYJU's & AMAZON ACADEMY

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Himanshu Shukla
Himanshu Shukla

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Himanshu Shukla
Himanshu Shukla

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Himanshu Shukla
Himanshu Shukla

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Himanshu Shukla
Himanshu Shukla

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Himanshu Shukla

EdTech Strategist | Ex- Amazon Manager | Ex- BYJU's Creative Content Director | 

Himanshu is an industry veteran with experience in developing products like BYJU's, AMAZON ACADEMY and training thousands of SMEs to excel in the EdTech domain. Having come from a teaching background (JEE Physics), Himanshu have worked as Content Developer, Video Recording Faculty, Product Developer, Product Owner, Creative Director, SME Manager, Content Operations Manager, Creative Content Manager and Content Strategist. Learning about the challenges and opportunities of this industry via Himanshu can be a great career push for anyone looking for a long career in EdTech.

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I began as a physics and psychology enthusiast. Studied a great deal myself and then began to teach/train for JEE advanced. I have a teaching experience of about 10 years. Serendipity brought me to EdTech and I played a crucial role in developing two major products almost from scratch - BYJU's K12, JEE and International learning & Amazon Academy.

I have experience of working as a SME manager, Content strategist and Creative head for AMAZON (full time) and Product developer, Physics content developer (video faculty) and creative director (developing videos end to end) for BYJU's. I have a deep interest in education and child psychology and I keep myself up-to-date with the latest research and findings. 

I have held positions as people manager, manager of managers, worked closely with senior product managers, vendors and vendor managers, directors and CEO. I am currently on a break from mainstream work and focusing on building my YouTube channel and a confidential application.

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© 2021 by Himanshu Shukla.

© 2021 by Himanshu Shukla.


Himanshu is really passionate and has a high quality bar . He is able to come into a new situation and provide a unique perspective on how to move forward. He is extremely creative particularly around how we present content to make it easy to understand and engaging..


Himanshu is a creative person and very good writer. He always used to support and encourages us. I had the pleasure working under him for more than a year. Himanshu would be a true asset for any positions requiring edtech knowledge/exp.


Empathy is one of the powerful tools in his dynamic toolkit and that's what makes him a great educator, patient listener, and practical problem solver. He is an awesome colleague I had the opportunity to work with at Byju's . A lifetime learner, he has a knack to deal with whatever life throws at him. He never hesitates to speak his mind and has unique approach to manage teams & projects. I would surely recommend him.


I have worked with Himanshu very closely for more than 3 years. Himanshu is one of the most thoughtful and insightful people I have had the chance to work with. He is also able to bring together insights from multiple facets because of his wide range of experience with people and products, and his ability to keenly observe and calmly gather insights before presenting his views. His avid reading and writing passions also play a major part here. He’s a leader who leads by example and shows the path to the team through his actions and not just words. He’s one of the few who can execute high quality work as well as help others execute high quality work, and not simple delegate. Any team would benefit in his presence.

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In this world of where most of us focus upon quickly acquiring skills and showing aggression on projects only some people can maintain the initial passion, love for work and enjoy the process. Himanshu is one of those. #Creative #Good manager #Cool guy #Valuable asset